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All good relationships are grounded in friendship. And all good friendships are the ones where individuals have learned to be honest without being hostile, to be caring without crowding, and to be available in the most unavailable times.

Friendships don’t have to serve as the option – friend or spouse, friend or dating partner, friend or colleague, etc., etc., etc.  And, friendship doesn’t have to be one size fits all.  It’s okay to have one degree of friendship with one person and a different degree of friendship with another.

These friendship groups serve social, professional, and psychological purposes.  It is the place where individuals “meet and greet,” where they network, and where they inspire the discouraged, comfort the broken-hearted, and celebrate the successes of the successful.

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Build Friendships

Your placement into a Friendship Group will be determined by your selection of one of the following worldviews.
Although none of them may be perfectly aligned with your views, please select the one that most closely matches you.

Selecting a worldview, here, is only the beginning step in the process of building friendships.. Once the initial groupings are formed, you’ll be free to develop and grow friendships with anyone in the groups; especially during the social events.

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