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Secrets to Everlasting Love

One of the biggest complaints in relationships is, “the love dies.”
So, is it possible to make love grow to be better, or even last forever?

YES! And this webinar series shows you how.

Free Video Library

Many questions relevant to relationships, are discussed in brief videos.



Friendship Groups

All good relationships are grounded in friendship



Seminars & Webinars

Knowledge is power and the application of knowledge is wisdom.




A unique online resource

Welcome to a unique online resource that’s designed to assist marriages, families, and other relationships through a free video library, friendship groups, and seminars and webinars.

Every day, people turn to Dr. Heastie to get quality
life-changing coaching about their relationship.

His TED Talk and the book he authored, both speak to the importance and value of relationships.  His sensible and practical approach is grounded in his training as a psychologist, his thirty plus years of life-coaching, and in his spiritual beliefs.

People who share the belief that relationships can be rewarding, will find a home here at Helpful Heastie.

And as you apply the principles offered through the video library, the friendship groups, and the seminars and webinars, you will enrich your own life as well as the life of others.

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