BEGINNING IN MARCH EVERY first Thursday of each month

Secrets to Everlasting Love

One of the biggest complaints in relationships is, “the love dies.
So, is it possible to make love grow to be better, or even last forever?

YES!  And this webinar series shows you how.

  • Everyone wants a relationship that makes them happy.
  • Knowledge is power! And the more knowledgeable you are success in relationships, the more likely it will be.
  • Effort in, equals effort out.
  • Investing now will yield long-term returns.
  • On the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m., Dr. Heastie will conduct a 1 ½ hour webinar (seminar on the web).
  • Each webinar is intended to enrich and strengthen romantic relationships – a marriage, or a dating relationship.
  • The webinars will offer information on how to create, nurture, and grow great relationship. Each session will conclude with a period of questions and answers.
  • Q&A in the end of each session

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Dr. Heastie is a psychologist and college professor. He is married, and has been for thirty-four years. He is the author of a book on relationships and has produced both a television program and a radio program on relationships. He specializes in helping couples – both married and dating – improve the quality of their love relationship through his unique coaching approach. He also specializes in helping singles find dating partners, and growing and maturing the relationship from match to matrimony.

webinar series

Some of the subjects addressed

  • Money Matters When Making Love
  • Communication Is Your Companion
  • Sex: What Really Drives It?
  • Compromise Creates Conflict and Chaos
  • Dating Does It
  • How Does It End?
  • Q&A

Dr. Heastie is a trained psychologist with more than three decades of counseling and coaching experience.  He is a professor of psychology at Miami-Dade College (Miami, Florida), the author of a book on relationships, and presenter of a TED Talk, and the producer of a television program and a radio broadcast.

Sam Heastie

Psychologist / Coach

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